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Product Image Colombia La Primavera Decaf

Colombia La Primavera Decaf


Rich and dense like sweet bread. Cocoa, currant, brown sugar.

About this coffee

Colombia La Primavera is going to challenge your judgments about decaf, because it tastes like... coffee! In fact, it tastes like a rich and mellow coffee with flavor nuances of toasted nuts and cocoa. Colombia La Primavera comes from our friends at Virmax Café, founders of Las Mingas, a project that directly connects quality roasters with quality producers in an effort to achieve a truly fair price for beautifully unique coffees. We were able to source the Colombia La Primavera directly from the Virmax warehouse, and approve the green coffee before it was decaffeinated. This means that, unlike most decafs, this coffee was carefully screened both before and after processing. Decaffeinated in Colombia with a solvent derived from sugar cane molasses, this decaf has a brown sugar sweetness that is balanced and satisfying.

Origin Facts


Country, city: Manizales, Caldas 


Certifications: Relationship coffee, transparency/ fair prices
Fair Labor Practices: Transparency, fair prices


Process: Solvent derived from sugar cane molasses 
Vegetation: Varied shade